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as a pro, bronson arroyo of the arizona diamondbacks recently announced he'll undergo tommy john surgery to replace a torn elbow ligament. >> i thought i would take time off and a lot of swelling but i was totally surprised when he said the ligament was totally ripped off the bone. >> despite intense monitoring and cautious pitch limits a third of big league pitchers have now had this operation. the american sports medicine institute calls it an epidemic. but they say the damage doesn't start at the professional level. >> what pitchers are doing in their teen years, you know, how much baseball they're playing, how much throwing they're doing, i think it has a direct correlation to what we're seeing later on in their careers. >> mark silverman has coached his son's little league team for four years. >> kids are playing three, four, five games a day. pitching six, seven, eight innings a day. and you're looking at kids going up well into the 100s of pitches, one afternoon, one game. so yeah. >> and joining me from new york is david epstein, he's the author most recent-of "the sports gene in
not rule out the possibility that tanaka could undergo a legment transplant procedure known as tommy john surgery if he does not respond to rehabilitation. tanaka has been the major league's top starter with 12 wins in his debut season. his outstanding record got him selected for the all-star game next tuesday. >>> here is the weekend weather forecast. >>> thrill seekers in the u.s. have met their match. they're lining up at a resort in kansas city to ride the world's tallest and maybe scariest water slide. the slide is a towering 50 meters high. that's the equivalent to a 17-story building, or taller than the statue of liberty. riders need to climb up 264 steps just to reach the starting point. they've had to wait more than a year to take the plunge because construction crews couldn't meet their deadlines. the slide failed several safety tests, so builders were forced to slow down the speed and put up a net to prevent riders from falling off. but many daredevils are still willing to take the risk. officials say they're limiting each person to one white-knuckle ride down the slide. >>> th
the possibility that he could undergo a ligament transplant procedure known as tommy john's surgery if he does not respond to rehabilitation. he's been the major league's top starter with 12 wins in his debut season. his record got him selected for the all-star game this coming tuesday. >>> here is the weekend weather forecast. >>> a quake with a magnitude of 6.8 struck off the coast of fukushima prefecture. officials issued a tsunami advisory. they've since lifted it. the earthquake struck at 4:22 a.m. and it shook a wide area of eastern japan. meteorological agency officials issued a tsunami advisory for the prefectures. they kept the advisory in place for about two hours. the officials say the earthquake was an aftershock of the massive one from 2011 and warn other quakes could follow and urge people to be cautious. officials say a tsunami with a height of up to 20 centimeters reached the prefectures and they are warning people to stay away from the coast for the time being. the government says it has no warning of abnormalities at the plants. the officials in fukushima report that three pe
. >> reporter: it's a trend of growing concern to medical professionals and it can lead to tommy johns surgery down the line. once associated with professional athletes, now this surgical procedure is becoming more common in teenage athletes as well. >> in the youth arena, there certainly has been an increased in surgeries. we don't see the same level of return to play that we do in the high elite level athlete. >> reporter: dr. matthew levine of inova or peed igs and sports -- orthopedic and sports medicine says one of the reason for the rise in sports injuries is teenagers not participating in a variety of sports. >> by not participating in other sports, they tend to stress or strain the same areas of their body over and over again. >> reporter: he also advises teens not to stress their bodies. it's better to take a break when in pain than to ignore it. >> the most important thing is to listen to their body. if they start to have pain, don't just work through t. talk to your coach. talk to a doctor. there's often a little bit of rest and rehab whi
, the surgeon who specializes in taking care of athletic injuries, and famous for the tommy john surgery, matt cain will be visits him later in the week, he's having a bad year. 2-7, admits pitching with elbow pain, on the disabled list and it's fair to say if surgery is not diagnosed he probably won't pitch a lot this season. >> jeff giving up 2 hits, unfortunately one left the yard. gonzalez, not to be confused with marvin gonzalez, his home run put the astros in front of the a's 1-0 in the 5th inning. no injuries to report from the 49er camp. a guy is back with the team. brandon lloyd took a year away from the nfl, one of many talented wide receivers is back to give it a go and happy to see the talent he has up against him as far as the wide receivers go. >> there's a lot of diversity and how each one can help, it's been fun for me just to see the practice habits and to watch the game come. i pride myself on route running and catching the ball. >> if he hasn't lost a step he would be a welcomed edition. we'll have highlights tonight. >>> tonight at 10:00 a breakdown at a high-tech manufactu
with. dr. james andrews will get a second opinion on his elbow. he is known for performing tommy john surgery. best thing at at&t park tonight, the police officer and the baby. first batter of the game, josh harrison takes the sixth pitch of the game off timmy hudson. 1-0, pirates. that was enough for that man t. francisco liriano, he struck out 11. the pirates win 3-1. the giants lose their sixth straight game. new giants pitcher jake peavy is trying to help the team turn things around. last season as a member of the world champion red sox. he bought an indian chief statue in the series again the giants. he told me before tonight's game. it's a being reason boston won the world series. >> she brought a spirit on board that coulden be denied. >> where is it now? go get it. is it in boston? >> listen, we sucked them dry. he doesn't have much mojo left and he is on the trophy. he is in the trophy showcase now. >> they could use that tonight. looking to avoid a second straight loss. runner in third. john singleton, 1-0 houston. the as trailing 4-1. 4-3. two outs, yoenis cespedes hits a
will not have to get tommy johns surgery and miss the rest of the season. i'm sure you are devastated he's out of the rotation. >> you never want to see someone get hurt, especially playing as well as he is. there was a lot of fear he would have the full tear and need tommy johns. that would take him out of this season and next as well. i hope he gets better. i hope the yankees lose every day, but i hope he gets better. 27 minutes after the hour. crisis at the border and a warning something must be done. will congress pass the president's $4 billion plan or will gridlock reign in washington? that's next. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now. thank you! so why are we so,000 obsessed with turbo? card with a new volkswagen turbo. because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat
undergo a ligament transplant procedure known as tommy johns surgery if he does not respond to rehabilitation. tanaka is major league's leading starter with 12 wins in the debut season. his great pitching record got him selected for the all-star game on tuesday. >>> heavy rains in canada have officials on high alert for flooding. jonathan oh is here with the details on that. jonathan? >> hello, gene. i want to direct your attention to the top part of your screen on this satellite perspective because you can see a little swirl that's taking place. that's a low pressure system that is tracking across canada, now located in the northern to central portions of manitoba. with that is a cold front that brought a lot of rain and there's more rain on the way and that's the reason why officials are concerned because of these images where emergency personnel on stand by to make sure that they're prepared for a major river outside of winnipeg which may start flooding because of the heavy rains during the past week and the province is under a state of emergency due to the possible flood
in his elbow. he won't need tommy john surgery, but they'll have to do without their ace for at least six weeks. >>> in los angeles, the dodgers' clayton kershaw on the mound, san diego's chase headley. and with that, kershaw's pitching streak ends at 41 scoreless innings. the two-time cy young award winner. >>> cincinnati, things get heated after reds' pitcher chapman throws a pair of fastballs up and in near the head of chicago batter. chapman would strike him out and eventually get out of the inning, but not before back and forth between him and the chicago dugout that clears the benches on this one. the umpires get things under control before any punches are thrown. the cubs go on to win this one, 6-4 after 12. >>> we've got to show you this, one player takes the term head first a little bit too literally here. on the slide, check it out, his dive into third. he goes face first, chin's scraping across the ground until i think his feet got there first over his head. straight into the back. poor guy, though. scorpion slide you call that, mike? he was trying to, you know, make his way th
as tommy johns surgery if he does not respond to rehabilitation. tanaka is major league's leading starter with 12 wins in the debut season. his great pitching record got him selected for the all-star game on tuesday. >>> much of europe is dealing with persistent rainfall. our meteorologist, jonathan oh, is here to tell us if dryer weather is on the way. jonathan? >>> hello. we have been tracking a couple of low pressure systems that have consistently placed rainfall into the central portions of europe. it remains to be seen whether these will eventually move off. there is not really a forcing mechanism to push these systems to the east so anywhere from the balkan peninsula to the portions of france have been dealing with the rainfall. another low near the italian peninsula. both areas continuing to force plenty of moisture with unstable conditions. be prepared for more rainfall at least for the weekend. we do have another low pressure system coming over the brit ush isles, which means for the weekend, you are also going to be dealing with plenty of precipitation. if you are looking for op
into a pitcher in 2011. underwent tommy johns surgery in 2012 and here he is in the big leagues two years later. calhoun fouls the first pitch back, strike one. >> harold: didn't they do a similar thing with martinez? he was an infielder, and then they made him a pitcher. we saw him pitch in detroit. am i saying it right? >> tom: nick martinez? >> harold: yeah, same thing. i guess they find an arm and convert it. >> joe: there he is from houston, texas, 25 years old, and in a jam here in the eighth. here comes the 0-1. ball and a strike. rangers have gotten to the point where they've had two different position players have to pitch an inning on the mound to mop up. their pitching has just been ravaged by injuries. as this drops in for a strike, strike two. good pitch from matt west. >> tom: managers used to hate that too. that was a sign of surrender, when you put a position player on the mound, you used to be embarrassed by it, but it's become a lot more common. i think it's 16 times this year, teams have had to run a position player out there on the mound. >> harold: i hate it. bobby cox refu
andrews. renowned surgeon specializing in tommy johns surgery. matt cain headed for his office later this week to be examined. that is usually not good news. as for giant's fans we've all seen this boring movie before. tim hudson who's now 8-8. josh harrison for the distance. second with a man on. long ball again. this time off the bat of travis schneider. 3-0 with the giants offense. that's it they're done but michael moore solo homer his first in 36 games. 3-1 the final. now get this the giants have won 21 of the last 27 at home. in those six consecutive losses they've scored a grand total of six runs. it's not going to get it done. >>> just the fact we have no injuries to report from niners camp. a step in the right direction today. >>> looking extremely healthy and happy to be back in the niners uniform. brandon lloyd talks about why he decided to return to the niners. sports part two next. evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electr
for performing tommy john surgery but could be just a look. best thing at at&t park last night the police officer and the baby. first batter of the game josh harrison takes his sixth pitch from tim hudson out. second out in a row. home run. 1-0 bad guys. that was enough for that man! francisco liriano struck out 11. pirates win 3-1. giants lose their sixth great game in which they scored a grand total of 6 runs. >>> the a's looking to avoid the second straight loss in houston. astros up 3-1 in the 7th. runner at 3rd. hernandez doubles to score john singleton and 4-1 houston. oakland trailed 4-1 into the ninth but down 4-3, two out, yoenis cespedes for a game tying single. john jay so is home. the next batter brandon moss. they put the shift on for moss but he beats the shift. that's the base hit. the a's up 4-3. they come back to score six in the 9th and win 7-4. they increase the american league west lined to 2.5 games. >>> and all the talk about the raiders possibly moving to san antonio, frank, i'll tell you one statistic that just blows this out of the water. there are 52 luxury suites in the
has a attorney ligament in his elbow and he won't need season ending tommy john injury but the bombers have to do without their ace the next six weeks. in los angeles, clayton kershaw on the mound for the dodgers. chase utley belts a homer in left center field and with that kershaw's pitching streak ends at 41 scoreless innings. the two time cy young award winner still notches a win as the dodges take it 2-1. look at this from cincinnati things heated after the reds pitcher aroldis chapman throws a pitch up and in. he gets out of that inning but not before back and forth between him and the chicago dugout that clears the benches. the umpires get things under control before any punches are thrown. the cubbies go on to win this 6-4 after 12 we had to show you this. one player taking the term head-first slide a bit too seriously. check out this dive into third. >> he goes face-first! >> chin scraping across the ground and crashes into the bag. yeah, just ouch as it is in slow motion and fast motion. >>> we want to show you the noisy reaction in boargentina after the win. the echoes throug
to tommy submit and john carlos saluting human rights in the 1968 olympics medal ceremony, sports have time and time again played a pivotal role in advancing civil rights. nba commissioner adam silver's swift and debasive response to l.a. clippers owner donald sterling's racially charged comments makes clear that in today's society, institutionalized racism is not welcome. in light of both events, and the long-standing battle against discrimination and institutional racism in professional sports, we are taking the necessary action today to discuss the social and political implications of racism in sports. through this interstaff conversation, panelists will tackle questions that can tell us why racism still pervades our sports, as well as our society. more importantly, we are convening today to learn and to discuss how sports should serve our communities and how we together can become agents of change in our cities with our sports teams. before we move on to our panel, i would like to introduce a leader in addressing the intersection between sports and cities. indianapolis mayor greg ballar
that may look at a situation saying it's hopeless. >> once again our thoughts to our colleague john siegenthaler and his family. >> the music world mourning a loss. the last surviving member of the ramons passed away. >> he was known as tommy ramone, the founding drummer. he went on to influence a generation of rockers from nir vana to green bay. the backed formed in 1974 and has been acknowledged as the inventors of punk rock. they were inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 2002. >> coming up, celebrating an anniversary, how n.a.s.a. marked a year for the curiosity rover. america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >>> welcome back. a special anniversary of sorts - on mars. the rover curiosity celebrated one year. how did it celebrate? with a selfie. jennifer london reports. >> reporter: it's the selfie from space seen around the world. the mars rover shot a vanity shot to mark a milestone, one marr shan year anniversary. longer than you may think. 687 earth days to be exact. it is mile. the mars day is 40 minutes longer than th
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)

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